Professional Uniforms Consultation

With more than 40 years of experience under the leadership of our Directors, we are truly experts in the uniforms manufacturing industry. With our extensive knowledge, we are able to combine functional and attractive design with the most suitable fabrics on the uniform garments we produce for our corporate customers. We always keep up-to-date on fashion trends and new fabric development and the change of business operations of different industries. At Wall Street Uniforms International Limited, we believe only the best know-how can achieve 100% customer satisfaction. 

Fashionable Designs

Do you want to have unique designs for your corporate uniforms? Do you want to enhance your company image by the appearance of your employees? Do you want your employees to look professional while giving a friendly and approachable feeling to your customers? Our professional fashion designer can create uniform designs that will reflect your company's image and culture to your customers. Our design philosophy is that a success uniform design can be easily recognized by customers and a piece of well-designed uniform worn by employees of our clients will increase brand awareness. 

Proficient Sample Production

Our experienced sample-making tailors working tirelessly at our sample production facilities are so efficient that they can produce a set of trial samples or production samples in 3 to 5 days. What's better than seeing your uniform design and selected fabrics on real-life samples that you can see and feel with your eyes and your hands and be worn by your employee models? Trial samples are for criticism by our clients for further improvements on the uniforms before a set of production samples is produced. Production samples serve as quality checking and mass production guildelines and they are extremely important for the final products. 

Efficient Mass Production

We believe each type of garments should be made in their specialized factories with specialized machinaries and skilled workers. Therefore, over the years, we have established a network of modern licensed factories with different capabilities. We believe our specialized licensed factories would produce the best quality products and provide better flexibility and efficiency in catering for a wide variety of product types and order sizes while meeting the agreed lead-time. We have a dedicated quality control team to inspect work-in-progress at each of the factory locations. Our clients have been benefiting from our production management approach for the past 30 years. 

Door-to-door Delivery* (for Hong Kong only)

Regardless of the quantity and distance, we undertake to deliver the uniforms to all branches and offices of your company within Hong Kong on time.

Storage (for Hong Kong only)

If required, we are able to store up to 20% of your order as your supply buffer at nominal warehouse fees. This will ensure our customers can get their replacement uniforms quickly.

* For overseas orders, method of shipment will depend on our customers’ requirement.