Wall Street Uniforms International Limited originated as a company founded by Mr. C.H. Yeung and Mr. Lee Fat in 1956 as a tailoring partnership. The first business operation was set up in a prominent site in Central District of Hong Kong. Many local "Taipans" were long-time clients of the company and records show dozens of active customers from the "Who’s Who" list of Hong Kong. Keeping pace with the business growth and the economic development of Hong Kong, the Company’s tailoring business took a corporate form and the Company was registered as a Limited Company on the 6th April, 1977 in the name of Wall Street Tailors Limited. After incorporation, the Company continued its expert tailoring business and brought in professional management to contribute in forming a new and dynamic dimension to the Company’s development and to establish a new identity for the Company within two years of incorporation. The Company ceased operations in high class tailoring services soon after its incorporation and changed over entirely to the manufacturing of Corporate Uniforms for banks, utility companies and government departments etc. It was at that time Wall Street Uniforms International Limited was established.



Mr. C. H. Yeung and Mr. Lee Fat, founders of our existing business, established their small tailoring outfit shop in the Central District at a site which is now called the Hong Kong Chinese Bank Building


Formulation and Registration of Wall Street Tailors Limited (former name of Wall Street Uniforms International Limited)


Provisionally accepted by Government as a specialist uniform suppliers


Associated with the Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTR) in as much as making overall suit for their workshop staff


Serving high-class hotels like Peninsula Hotel and New World Hotel for their warm hospitalities


Serving industries like the Hong Kong and Kowloon Wharf & Godown Co., Ltd. and Kotewall Quartz Time Ltd. for their efficiency